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Backscratcher Metal Telescopic Orange Plastic Tip Handle Clip Extendable 16 inch

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Extendable Telescoping Back-Scratcher Extends up to 16 inches Instant relief to areas otherwise one couldn't reach. 
One of the ends is plastic safe Scratcher, the other has a clip for easy storage.  
Very convenient you can take it with you anywhere.  Use it at home, in the office and wherever you go!  Perfect as a Gift!  Very strong and durable. 
New Shipped fast and free from the USA 
Extends u to 16"  * Retracts for easy storage 
Handy clip attaches 
Great for travel. 
Very strong and durable item.  
Closed: 7" Long / Extended: 16" Long Hand size: 1.25" x 1.25" 
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Shipped fast and free from the USA
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