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Amazon Adult coloring For Mindfulness kit 70 Designs

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Author: Hamlyn

Publisher: Hamlyn

Publish date:13-Sep-2016

Format: Hardcover


Pick up your coloring pencils and escape into the rainforest.

How can you shake off those annoying everyday worries? If you would like to re-focus and re-charge your batteries, try losing yourself in coloring. Simply choose at random from these intricate designs inspired by the rainforest, and unleash your creativity. Gradually, as you concentrate on the simple act of coloring, you will find your mind clearing and calm returning. Just 5 to 10 minutes of coloring a day are enough to encourage mindfulness.

There are no rules. Just choose any colors you like and get going. From cheerful parrots to beautiful butterflies, tribal-inspired patterns to graphic prints, these illustrations provide the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of your day. Each design comes with a detachable sheet, so when you're done, you can display your favorite creations.

With 70 beautiful designs, along with coloring pencils and a sharpener, this coloring kit is perfect for every coloring enthusiast.

Coloring in requires focus and being completely in the moment, so it is a wonderfully mindful way to de-stress

Ties into the trend of 'mindful' coloring for adults

Includes 70 designs to color

Contains detachable sheets so that you can display your creations

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